M52, NGC7635 (the Bubble), and NGC7538

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m52 and ngc7635
  • RA: 23:24.2 (M52) 23:20.48 (Bubble)
  • Dec:  +61:35 (M52) +61:12 (Bubble)
  • Magnitude: 7.3 (M52)
  • Size: 13.0 arc min (M52) 15 x 8 arc min (Bubble)
  • Distance: 5,000 ly (M52) 7-11 kly (Bubble)
  • Constellation:  Cassiopeia
  • Scope: Orion ED80 @ f/7
  • Autoguider: ST-4 faint mode
  • Sky conditions:  Great seeing and transparency.
  • Camera: Hap Griffin modified Canon XSi ISO800
  • Exposure: 8 x 7 minutes
  • Date:  November 8, 2010

Comments:  This is a wider field view of the M52 area on the Cassiopeia - Cepheus border. M52 is a fine open cluster located left center in the image, the Bubble Nebula (NGC7635 is below center, and the nebula NGC7538 is in the upper right.