M57 - The Ring Nebula

New Images
    Chrono Film
    Chrono DSLR

  • RA: 18:54
  • Dec: +33.02
  • Magnitude: 9.0
  • Distance: 4100 ly
  • Constellation:  Lyra
  • Scope: 8" SCT at f/10
  • Autoguider:  ST-4 in faint mode
  • Sky conditions:  Above average transparency and seeing
  • Camera:  Hutech modified Canon 300D
  • Exposure:  4 x 5 minutes
  • Date:  August 23, 2009

Comments: This is a replacement shot for the 2005 image that suffered from bad guiding.  Temperature was about 60F. The shots were processed in Images Plus, dark frame applied,  and finished in Photoshop. I can just make out the galaxy IC1296 near M57 at the 4 o'clock position.