NGC 6960 - Western Arc of the Veil Nebula

New Images
    Chrono Film
    Chrono DSLR

  • RA: 20:45.7
  • Dec:  +30:43
  • Magnitude:
  • Size: 70 arc min
  • Distance: 2,600 ly
  • Constellation:  Cygnus
  • Scope: Orion ED80 f/7
  • Autoguider: ST-4 faint mode
  • Sky conditions:  Average seeing and above average transparency
  • Camera: Griffin modified Canon 350XT ISO800
  • Exposure: 6 x 8 minutes
  • Date:  August 2, 2008

Comments:  This is NGC 6960, aka the Cirrus/Filamentary/Lace-work Nebula and the Western portion of the Veil Nebula, a supernova remnant in the constellation of Cygnus.  In total, the Veil Nebula is six times the diameter of the full moon.  Despite its overall brightness of about magnitude 5, this object is only visible to the naked eye under exceptionally good viewing conditions because its light is distributed over the object's large size.  The night was another very wet one and I managed to salvage only six of the exposures due to fogging of the scope.