The Great Pool and Spa Project


  The backhoe is in the backyard and starting the hole.
  Sideview of hole digging progress.
  The basic shape of the pool bottom is roughed in.
  The beginning of the new "road" next to the house.
  The pool walls and foundation are set.
  The area around the pool has been filled with pea gravel, covered with plastic, and rebar put in for the deck.
  The deck is poured.
  Close-up of the deck to show the pattern and color of the stamped concrete.
  The beam arrives on its truck.  It is 40 feet long,  28" tall and weighs in at about 2200 pounds.
  The crane is in the backyard and preparing to lift the beam.
  Moving the beam around the corner of the house.
  The beam is set on its support columns.
  Overall view of the crane, house, and beam.
  The beginning of the building goes up.
  A backview of the building showing building supplies in the foreground.
  An inside view of the almost complete building.
  An inside view from the other direction.
  The view from the back corner of the yard.
  Starting to form the bottom.
  The bottom is complete and awaiting the liner.
  The liner is in and filling begins.
  The pool has water and a cover.
  The beginning of the new brick patio.
  A different view of the brick patio.