SH2-171 - Cederblad 214 in Cepheus

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    Chrono Film
    Chrono DSLR

  • RA: 118.41 degrees
  • Dec:  4.68 degrees
  • Magnitude:
  • Size: 180 arc min
  • Distance: 2,740 ly
  • Constellation:  Perseus
  • Scope: Orion ED80 f/7
  • Autoguider: ST-4 faint mode
  • Sky conditions:  Average seeing and transparency
  • Camera: Griffin modified Canon 350XT ISO800
  • Exposure: 9 x 10 minutes
  • Date:  September 26, 2008

Comments:  A very pleasant night for September with a low in the lower 50s. This expanding shell of gas and dust was created by the original star cluster at the hear of the Cep OB4 association, which has now dispersed. It is now lit and ionized by the young star cluster Berkeley 59 and it is expanding into the dark nebula NGC7822.