M8 and M20 region

New Images
    Chrono Film
    Chrono DSLR

  • Lagoon and Trifid area
  • Constellation:  Sagittarius
  • Scope: 8" SCT with 300 mm lens at f/8 piggybacked
  • Autoguider:  ST-4 in faint mode
  • Sky conditions:  good transparency and seeing
  • Film: Kodak Royal Gold 400 and Fuji Superia 800
  • Exposure:  2 x 60 minutes
  • Date:  July 14 and August 2, 2002

Comments:  I was digging through some files when I found these two exposures that I had never finished processing.  Well here they are now.  The image shows M8 (the Lagoon Nebula), M20 (the Trifid Nebula), and to the NE of M20 is M21 (an open cluster).