NGC7622 - The Snowball

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ngc7662 Snowball

ngc7662 snowball crop

  • RA: 23:25
  • Dec: 43:32
  • Magnitude: 8.6
  • Distance: 5,600 ly
  • Size: 37 arcmin
  • Constellation:  Andromeda
  • Scope:  Celestron 9.25" HD @ f/10
  • Autoguider:  ST-4 in faint mode
  • Sky conditions:  Transparency and Seeing average
  • Camera: Griffin Modified Canon XSi @ 800
  • Exposure:  10 x 2 minutes
  • Date:  September 9, 2010

Comments:  NGC 7662 (also known as the Blue Snowball Nebula, Snowball Nebula or Caldwell 22) is a planetary nebula located in the constellation Andromeda. It has a faint central star that is variable, with a magnitude range of 12 to 16. NGC 7662 is a popular planetary nebula for casual observers. A small telescope will reveal a star-like object with slight nebulosity. A 6" telescope with a magnification around 100x will reveal a slightly bluish disk, while telescopes with a primary mirror at least 16" in diameter may reveal slight color and brightness variations in the interior.